Social themes

Bring social themes to light with documentary-style images. You can use stock images, but you can also think of using ‘own’ images of researchers, students or staff in action or on location. Avoid images with negative connotations, such as excessive violence, images of human suffering or stigmatising images.

© Guido van de Werf

© HH, Eloisa Ramos

© HH, Piet den Blanken

© ANP, Annemiek Mommer


Documentary photography

Photograph spontaneous, honest moments from life; ‘documentary photography’, as commonly used in newspapers. People in action or performing an action, such as reading a book, giving a presentation, talking to a colleague, getting up from a chair. Photograph the person in a location related to their field or social function. The person in the picture may certainly look at the camera, as long as it comes across as spontaneous, honest and not overly thought out.

© Yvonne Compier

© Caren Huygelen

© Caren Huygelen

© Peter Valckx

© Peter Valckx

Download the General Image Guidelines (in Dutch) or the specific information on image use on document Image Guidelines online (in Dutch).