Before you start 

Provide a clear briefing that includes the following elements:
Objective: what message do you want to convey? 
Purpose: what is desired action of the target audience after watching the video? Do you want to include a call to action? 
Target audience: who do you want to reach?  
Context: informative, instructional, lecture, interview, narrative. What kind of feeling, look, atmosphere do you want to evoke? 
Elements to include: logos, tagline, signature sound. 
Distribution: how and where/what media channel (e.g., website or social media)? How do you generate viewers? 
Location: do you have any preferences in terms of locations? 
Storytellers: who will tell the story and who will tell what? 
Existing footage: is there existing material and can it be reused? 

Video guidelines

  • Good image quality: HD (1920*1080). No heavily underexposed or overexposed shots. 
  • Good sound: no noise, low quality or poorly understood people. 
  • Good frames: good headroom, no overexposed shots. 
  • Music and dialogue: nice and appropriate background music can set the tone for a video, but make sure the volume does not drown out the dialogue. 
  • Purpose: decide the purpose of the video in advance and don’t explain too much. Videos with a clear focus and story work better.  

Visual identity

  • VU video assets templates are available, such as an intro, name cards, transition slides for text and an outro. You can use the templates with the Adobe Premiere programme. Download the templates here. 
  • See the video below how to use the video assets. 


Name card and usage VU avatar

Intermediate card


End card

Logo dos and don'ts

Place the diapositive version of the VU logo on a blue background (#0080c9)

Do not use the trademark separate from the word VU.

logo video correct

Do not use the trademark freestanding on an illustration or photo.


The specifications below are for subtitles based on HD format.

Posting on YouTube

At the VU Designstudio, you can have videos posted on our YouTube account. What you need to provide in addition to the video file are:

  • title and description, in Dutch and English,
  • Subtitles, in Dutch and English and as separate SRT files.  

Video format VU Minute

Download the format description and graphic assets for the special inspiration videos (VU Minute) here.