Image database

VU Toolbox

If you are looking for photos or other visual material for your website, brochure or presentation, check out the VU Toolbox library, where you will mainly find images taken in a VU environment and stock images purchased for VU means, such as the VU website.

To quickly find a photo that fits your subject, search with keywords in the free search field. Use the filters in the left-hand column to make your search more specific. If you want more explanation on how to use the library in the VU Toolbox, watch the explanation video (in Dutch).

Buying photos from image databases

Besides the VU Toolbox, there are several image databases where you can buy images. VU Designstudio has an account with Getty images (iStock), Alamy and Shutterstock and can therefore easily purchase images for you. Stock photos are generally cheap, but they are not exclusive. You can have the images purchased for you placed in the VU Toolbox. It is also possible to get your own folder within the VU Toolbox where images are only visible to your faculty or institute.

Commissioned photography

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the VU Toolbox or external image database, you can also hire a photographer. For portraits, photo shoots or journalistic photography, fill in the form here.