Infographics and animations

To create larger animations and elaborate infographics, VU Amsterdam works with Clarify. Clarify specialises in information design. They link content to visualisations, so that complex information becomes clear and is easily understood by the target group.

For example:

Animations. Animations work well for internal and external storytelling and ensure that you bring your target audience into what you want to say or explain. Clarify helps structure content, writes voiceover texts, creates visual storyboards in the process and then animates them.

Infographics. You can use this to present complex information in one clear image, creating an overview, shows connections or explains a process. This can be a static image that you can print out and hang up, or it can be interactive.

Clarify develops these products in the VU illustration style they developed for infographics and animations.

What can you do with the illustration style?

The new VU illustration style is a collection of elements that can be used for stand-alone illustrations, animations and infographics. The set is intended for designers working on behalf of VU Amsterdam.

The style is friendly and recognisable, which is mainly reflected in the round, graphic shapes broken by marker lines and inspired by the VU logo. The backgrounds are constructed in a minimalistic way and are mainly colourless, so that the subject and characters in the shots get the attention.

The style includes organic characters that can be positioned in many dynamic poses. Think of a character on a bicycle or in a wheelchair. The structure makes it easier for illustrators to illustrate new characters and easier for animators to animate them.

The style uses a colour palette based on the VU colour palette. There are also many colourful colours in the secondary colour palette. These create a fresh and modern look.

If you need to convey a complex message or a process visualisation, for example, please contact VU Designstudio.

Accent colours

Skin colours

Shades of grey

Animation example

An animation to promote the VU Study advisory in VU-style.