Layout for covers and pages

Below are some examples of templates for covers.

Cover with 1 image

Cover with 1 image and different position for the title

Cover with multiple images

Cover without image

Below are some examples of templates for interior pages

Example of a 3-column page pattern

Example of a 2-column page pattern

Margins, columns and line spacing

For designs with a lot of text, such as brochures, a pattern with unambiguous margins, column layout and regular text layout makes the text easier to read.

The starting point is an A4 format with a 13pt line spacing. The margins, spacing and line spacing of all objects are tailored to this as much as possible so that there is logic in the layout, which can be followed through consistently throughout the brochure.

Example white margins

The white margins from text columns to the edge of the page is 3x the line spacing. Space between columns is 2x the line spacing.

Example frames with a photo

Align the picture with the column width.

A frame falls within a column. The distance between the text and frame border is equal to the column width.

Recognisable element

A characteristic feature of the VU house style is the referring dot (VU dot). It gives the text or illustration frame extra structure, and it connects elements that belong together.

The size and position of the referring dot is the distance of the text from the border. In general, the distance from the edge is 2x the line spacing for frames. The margin above, left and right is the same.

These are guidelines. The size and position of the dots and the distance of the text from the edge also depends on the design and purpose. The design in the example above calls for small dots vertically centred.

Content VU frames

Below you will find examples of frames that are linked together. The content can be text or images. 

Examples of positioning VU frames


If you want to apply layering, give the frames a slight shadow. This will make the frames stand out from the background. Placing your text or image frame in the foreground will give accentuate it.


For more dynamics and a more playful character Frames that partly fall over an image or other frame, as if sliding over it, suggest movement. You can use this sliding motion in animations.


Show what belongs together Connect frames that belong together in terms of content, such as question and answer or a quote from a person with the portrait of the person. You can place these grouped frames in different places on the page.

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