Brand policy

The VU brand policy aims to clearly position and visualise VU Amsterdam and its components in relation to other educational institutions at home and abroad. A strong brand ensures recognisability, reliability and a professional image. The VU brand policy was adopted by the Executive Board on 26 April 2022*. The main principles of the VU brand policy are: 

Use the VU logo in all 100% VU organisational units. For study programmes*, services, projects, programmes, departments, participation councils, events, buildings and facilities, only use the VU logo.

When it concerns a faculty or research institute of VU Amsterdam, you can add the name to the VU logo. You can only add one name: a faculty name or an institute name – so that the target group or recipient immediately knows who the sender is.

2. VU Amsterdam uses sub-brands

Does it involve a VU-related component that is not part of the core activitieseducation, research, valorisation? Check with whether you are allowed to use a sub-brand. A sub-brand consists of a combination of the VU logo with the addition of the name of the sub-brand in its own typography.

3. Partnerships

When collaborating with other organisations, place the VU logo within the house style of the collaboration

* Separate logos will not be developed for joint degrees.

VU service providers, suppliers and stakeholders may use the VU logo in their own communications only with the permission of the Communication & Marketing Department. 

The VU brand policy is valid and binding as of 26 April 2022 and applies to all new initiatives and units. A three-year transition period (2023-2025) applies to organisational units that do not currently align with the VU brand policy. Communication & Marketing facilitates adaptations of communication means to the new brand policy.  

VU Amsterdam uses the VU logo exclusively without any cosigners or subbrands in the following places:

On the building and wayfinding


VU website

On- and offline VU-wide campaigns

Identification VU faculty or research institute


It may also be important for the target group that the faculty of the research institute is  communicated. You can then use the addition of the faculty or research institute behind the VU logo on these resources.

Newsletters and email signature

Avatar for social media

Printed matter, for example an annual report of a faculty or research institute


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